How to install Youdio on MacOS X

Youdio for MacOS is a unique hybrid application that runs both in your Web browser and as a native Mac app in order to make our amazing multi-track collaborative videos. This means that the first time you try Youdio for Mac you'll have to install our app, but after that everything will just work automatically directly from your Web browser every time.

  1. To access Youdio on your MacOS computer, simply open a supported Web browser and go to Note: there are currently a couple of small bugs with the Safari browser. It should work fine on most systems, but for 100% compatibility we recommend using either Chrome or Firefox instead.
  2. You'll see a selection of the latest videos by our users - select one you like and click on Create with this... 
  3. You'll be taken to the next page where you can see all of the tracks that have already been recorded for this song. Pick tracks you like by clicking on the little + icon next to them, then click on the Continue (launch app) button on the right.
  4. If you have used Youdio already, the app will launch automatically. However if this is your first time on Youdio you will see a page prompting you to download the Youdio Music Video Creator application. In order to make the unique Youdio multi-track videos you will have to install this app on your Mac, just like you would with any other Mac application. Click on the Download button.
  5. If you are using the Chrome browser you will see the downloaded .dmg file at the bottom left of your browser window. Click on it to open it.
  6. If you are using Safari, the downloaded file should jump automatically into your Downloads on the far right of your Menu bar. Click there to open it. Note: although Safari works well with Youdio in most cases, in some rare cases there may be problems. If you find you are having issues with Safari, try using Chrome or Firefox with Youdio for a seamless experience.
  7. If you are using the Firefox browser, you should see a box asking you to open the downloaded file.
  8. You will see a window open containing the Youdio Music Video Creator icon and your Applications folder. Drag the Creator on top of the folder to install it.
  9. Now double click on the Applications folder to open it, and look for the Youdio Music Video Creator app. Double click the WWB Music Video Creator to run it.
  10. If you get a warning message don't worry, just click on Open.
  11. The Youdio app will now run and start downloading your selected tracks from the Youdio online servers.
  12. That's it - you're good to go and start creating on Youdio! Remember next time as soon as you select your chosen video tracks this app will automatically launch, so you can just play right away. See you on WholeWorldBand!
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