Recommended MIDI Interfaces for Youdio on iOS

Youdio supports MIDI Clock Out for synchronising external synthesisers and drum machines. To use this functionality you will need an iOS compatible MIDI interface. Simply plug a MIDI cable from the MIDI Out of your interface into the MIDI In of your synth or rhythm box and all of your tracks will stay in sync.

If you are a serious electronic musician it is worthwhile considering getting an interface that combines both audio and MIDI.

We have tested the following interfaces successfully with Youdio:

If you want to record hardware instruments or use a microphone we highly recommend the Roland Duo Capture EX or Alesis iO Dock series.

If you would like to integrate your desktop or laptop computer with your iOS system, we recommend the iConnectivity interfaces, which include a unique audio pass-through system that allows audio to travel digitally between your computer and your iOS device.

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