Recommended Audio Interfaces for Youdio on iOS

An audio interface is a box that sits between your instrument or microphone and your iOS device. While you can record audio just using the iPad or iPhone microphone, if you want a cleaner and crisper quality sound and more convenient recording it is worth getting a professional audio interface. There are many to choose from, and most are not too expensive.

There are two kinds of interface for iOS devices. The first are interfaces directly designed for iOS, which use the MFI interface - that means they connect directly to the Lightning connector (or 30 pin connector on older iPhones and iPads). They are a good choice if you want something that "just works" without any technical knowledge required.

The second type are USB interfaces which are designed for use with many different devices, and which normally require you to have an Apple Camera Adapter plugged into your iPhone or iPad as well. (The Apple Camera Adapter is basically a USB to iOS convertor). USB interfaces can be a little trickier to set up with your iPhone or iPad, but are often more flexible and powerful to work with. Some USB digital interfaces also need to be connected to a powered USB hub - please check with your interface supplier before purchase.

When shopping for an audio interface an important consideration is whether the interface has a Direct Monitor switch or not. Having Direct Monitor can make it a lot easier to hear what you are singing or playing into Youdio, so we highly recommend that you purchase an interface with Direct Monitor capability wherever possible.

If you intend to use a MIDI controlled drum machine or sequencer with Youdio we recommend you purchase an interface with built-in MIDI capability as well. Currently the only audio interfaces available that contain both audio & MIDI capability are the iConnectivity AUDIO4+, Roland Duo Capture EX, and the Alesis iO Dock series, all of which are highly recommended.

Youdio has been successfully tested with the following audio interfaces:



There are also some interfaces which are designed to work using just the normal headphone socket on the iPhone or iPad. These are simple to use and good value for money, but may not give as high quality results while recording.

*Please note: We recommend using Apple branded camera connection kits and iOS cables. 3rd party camera connection kits and iOS cables may cause issues such as noise or inconsistent connectivity.
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